Ludic, not childish.

  • CLIENT Wish School
  • Expertise Logo and Visual Identity
  • ART DIRECTION Gabriela Namie
  • DESIGNERS Gabriela Namie and Jun Ioneda
  • ARCHITECTURE Garoa Group
According to MEC (Ministry of Education), Wish is a school among the 178 most innovative Brazilian educational institutions. Based on holistic education principles, the school does not apply tests, its rooms do not have lined chairs and classes are multiaged.
Wish‘s brand, however, did not reflect its values. Their symbol and mascot, the frog, referred to traditional storytelling, in which a frog that turns into a prince. The message was related to linear paths and did not value all kind of intelligences. What Wish needed to tell is that it’s ok to be the frog, or the prince, or whoever you choose. We needed to distance school’s identity from traditional imagery: idealism, superiority, childish treatment to children.
School’s new symbol is a reference to Education as a bridge, to the importance of play in learning, to the “maker” culture. Its different possible shapes reminds us that the school should not treat all children the same way, like merchandise. Frog is still here, not as a symbol, but as a character in a wider family. They are present in the baby nursery and its shapes are more geometric and less obvious, distancing from the prefabricated toy aesthetics.