Posters to be exhibited at Latin American Design Festival in Peru.

  • EXPERTISE Poster design
  • LEAD DESIGNER Gabriela Namie
  • DESIGNERS Gabriela Namie and Jun Ioneda
  • EXHIBITION 2016 Latin American Design Festival, Lima, Peru

LAD FEST (Latin American Design Festival) invited some Latin-american studios to create posters to answer the question “What comes to mind when you think of Peru?”.

As many other latin-american countries, Peru is a mix of people, textures and landscapes. So we made three very different posters to visually show our perceptions.
One of them displays paper cuts of the Chakana cross, a pre-Inca and Inca symbol that represents vital opposite forces creating balance in life: the sun and the earth, the human and the Divine, etc. The limits of these dualities turn blurry once they are represented throughout the mix of colors in paper braids, showing that we are all, as latin-americans, interconnected parts of the same unity.
The second poster refers to the word “texto” (text) in Portuguese and Spanish, that originates from the word “tecer” (to weave). In this sense, a text is a weaving of thoughts. We wrote geometrical pre-Colombian patterns with our own perceptions: “In those lands, oral tradition reigns (…) The stories didn’t fit the scrivener hands, they would fly away with time. They live within us (…) Orality told me something about me and I tell you now in records weaved between us”.
And for the last poster, we felt moved by the embracing of Inca’s culture and knowledge in modern Peru. As many other civilisations that lived before our economical system, they turned their attention towards the sky to decode Nature’s cycles, and then provide food and prosperity. Because of that, their educational system was based in Maths and Astronomy. So the poster depicts the embracing of many historical layers and civilizations around this ancestral universe.