Erotic is an individual concept.

  • CLIENT Nuasis
  • Expertise Logo and Visual Identity
  • NAMING Teo Garfunkel
  • ART DIRECTION Gabriela Namie
  • DESIGNERS Gabriela Namie, Lucas Gini, Jun Ioneda
Nuasis is an online sexshop. Its name comes from the contraction between the Portuguese words “nudez” (nudity) and “oásis” (oasis), referencing to the contrast of the desert versus an improbable and abundant nature growth. This is the contrast between fantasy and materiality – this is where libido lives. The term also offers a second interpretation: a new word for “nudity” in plural, that invites us to imagine new forms of “nuditys”.
Logo plays along with this concept, taking multiple shapes, that adapt to body lines, suggesting the individuality of erotic experience. Identity colors vary between sand, dark wood, black and white. Main color, sand, refers to deserts, while dark wood brings oasis’ abundance.