Astrology made by people.

  • Expertise Logo, Visual Identity, Illustration, Web, Photo
  • Art Direction Gabriela Namie
  • Senior Designers Gabriela Namie, Jun Ioneda
  • Designers Erica Harumi, Gabriela Osilio, Helena Sbeghen, Henri Campeã, Nina Nunes
  • Illustration Direction Gabriela Namie
  • Illustrators Gabriela Namie, Jun Ioneda
  • Photography Direction Gabriela Namie
  • Photography Production Jun Ioneda, Erica Harumi, Gabriela Osilio, Helena Sbeghen
  • Awards Indigo Awards, Japan, Visual Identity/Gold and Illustration/Silver, 2018; A' Awards, Italy, Graphics and Visual Communication Design/Bronze, 2018; LAD Awards, Peru, Branding/Bronze, 2019; LICC, London, Shortlist in Web Design, 2019.

Peoplestrology questions why astrology became such a hit in the past few years and what it says about us. To create this project we partnered with Float, an intelligence agency that researches our ever-changing trends and cultural fluctuations. Results are published in reports on the project’s website.