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  • Client • QuintoAndar
  • Expertise • Illustration
  • Illustration Direction • Jun Ioneda
  • Illustration • Jun Ioneda, Cecília Marins, Johnatan "Johncito" Marques
  • Project Manager • Maira Begalli

QuintoAndar is Latin America ‘s largest housing platform. Along with a new brand identity created by PORTOROCHA, QuintoAndar has also adopted Haley Tippmann ‘s work as the basis for their brand’s illustration style. We created a series of scenes and spots exploring the lives of QuintoAndar’s clients, paying special attention to the wide range of houses and people that use the platform everyday.

All content in the above portfolio is the Intellectual Property of Grupo QuintoAndar (GRPQA LTDA) and any unauthorized use, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited.