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  • Client • Vurguesa
  • Expertise • Identidade Visual
  • Art Direction • Jun Ioneda
  • Designers • Jun Ioneda, Luisa Prat, Sofia Carvalho
  • Photography • Mechi Fahs
  • Benchmarking, trends and storytelling • Gustavo Jreige
  • Project Manager • Maira Begalli
  • Awards • LAD Awards, Branding/Bronze, 2021; Brasil Design Award, Brasil, Visual Identity/Bronze, 2020.

Vurguesa is a vegan burger delivery in Buenos Aires, and its creative plant-based recipes will take you on an intriguing and joyful ride. With a strong color palette and playful stamps, the visual identity presents Vurguesa’s delivery experience as a gift, a memory, a souvenir from this nostalgic and delightful trip to Burgerland. Vurguesa was born during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic as many restaurants had to rethink how to run their businesses. In that context, we helped Vurguesa’s owners to develop a new burger delivery brand to keep their income during lockdown. We created a visual identity that tells a story, transporting people from inside of their houses to new “places” through gastronomy. With a touch of sophistication, we also aimed to reflect Vurguesa’s creative plant-based menu.