to Clean

  • Art Direction • Jun Ioneda
  • Visual Identity • Dandara Hahn, Jun Ioneda, Luisa Prat, Sofia de Carvalho
  • Illustrations • Jun Ioneda
  • Packaging Design • Jun Ioneda, Sofia de Carvalho
  • 3D • Felipe del Rio
  • Project Manager • Maira Begalli

SAPE is a new Brazilian cosmetics brand that sells bar-shaped, environment-friendly shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers and deodorants. SAPE aims to break free from the eco-friendly aesthetics by expressing itself with bold colors and imagery, along with foldable packagings for all their 8 launch products – which are brought to life with fun and vibrant illustrations. SAPE’s values and personality are also reflected in the color scheme and visual identity that we created.