Watching it.
Sharing it.

  • Client • TikTok
  • Creative Direction • AKQA
  • Illustrations • Jun Ioneda
  • Animation • André Portnoy
  • Project Manager • Maira Begalli

TikTok is a social media platform renowned for its entertaining content that sparks trends across the internet – and among the various topics discussed on the platform, cinema always stands out. In collaboration with AKQA+, we’ve crafted a system of illustrations and animations to promote the #TikTokMeFezAssistir (which roughly translates to “Watched this Because of TikTok”) curation tab, building a vibrant visual language specific to this theme’s content on the platform. A modular system allows for the creation of an endless variety of eyes that can reflect various cinematic themes and genres. Furthermore, this visual language has been incorporated into the content of #Klaket, a show presented on TikTok by the renowned Brazilian film critic Isabela Boscov.