Astrology is
all I need.

  • Client • Peoplestrology, AHLMA
  • Expertise • Design, Illustration
  • Art Direction/Design • Gabriela Namie, Jun Ioneda
  • Designers • Gabriela Namie, Jun Ioneda, Gabriela Osilio, Rachel Denti, Nina Nunes, Mathias Gatti
  • Photography •, @Nebula.lab
  • Project Manager • Maira Begalli

Peoplestrology questions why astrology became such a hit in the past few years and what it says about us. To create this project we partnered with Float, and you can find more information about it here We were invited by AHLMA to translate the crossing between fashion and Astrology in a collection that takes a lot of its imagery and messages from the research’s ever-changing results, which can be seen here.